Bitdefender Security

Bescherm uw bedrijf met Bitdefender beveiliging

Netron ICT is gespecialiseerd in het leveren van hoogwaardige IT-diensten aan bedrijven. Naast ons pakket uitgebreide IT-oplossingen bieden we met trots Bitdefender Security aan om uw bedrijf te beschermen tegen alle online bedreigingen.

Voordelen van Bitdefender Security:


Content scanning and heuristic analysis against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, keyloggers, rootkits and other types of malicious software.

Advanced Anti-Exploit

Detects known and zero-days exploits that target unpatched software vulnerabilities or for which there is no available patch yet.

Fileless Attack Protection

Stops sophisticated threats like fileless and script-based attacks, before executing.

Web Threat Protection

Prevents downloads of malware to the endpoint and stops fraudulent web pages.

Business Flexibility & Scalability

Modular security that can be enhanced with add-ons to better serve business' needs.


Controls applications’ access to the network and to the Internet. It automatically permits access for recognized, trustworthy applications. Additionally, it can safeguard against port scans, limit ICS, and give warnings when new devices join a Wi-Fi network.